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Wednesday afternoon, February 21st, we partnered with TR Trading Company to host our Third Community Business Meeting for an update on the ongoing issues impacting our business corridor. Captains from both Century & Compton Sheriff, the LASD HOST team, Public Works, and Homeless Initiative were on hand to answer questions. We also invited candidates running for Supervisor & the District Attorney Office. We did our best to inform all businesses of the upcoming meeting by delivering flyers, sending emails and contacting each business by phone.

Why meetings like this are so important for business owners, property owners & residents?

Direct access to those who hear your concerns and have the ability to help.

Yesterday's meeting resulted in this morning's deployment of law enforcement to 131st between Main & Broadway with the removal of another RV. Those individuals who showed up yesterday, and bravely shared their passionate insight helped make this happen.

Progress is being made in East Gardena, West Rancho Dominguez, Rosewood, Willowbrook and Rancho Dominguez. However, there is a very long road ahead to ensure we remain focused & committed. 7 areas have now remained clean for nearly a year. Those areas were the targeted locations of the past year's work based on your voices & emails to the HOST team, Supervisor Mitchell's office, and the local sheriff's departments.

Involvement by everyone is our best chance to reshape our business corridors & streets. Crime isn't going to stop. Crime has decreased in the areas where we have cleaned up and those streets are regularly monitored. There are more criminal enterprises opportunity in these buildings. That is a major challenge for obvious reasons. Report questionable circumstances to your local law enforcement station, constituent deputy from SD2. There are many layers to the issues impacting safety at the moment.

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