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We Aren't In Disneyland.

In all seriousness, what plan will the businesses implement to ensure the newly cleaned up areas remain clear? We did the work, removed the RV's, removed the debris, cleaned the streets and housed the majority of homeless that were ready.

The following areas were cleaned up:

  • Broadway between Alondra & 157th

  • Main Street between Alondra & Redondo Beach Blvd

  • 157th between Figueroa & San Pedro

  • San Pedro between 157th & Alondra

  • Avalon between 154th & Alondra

Businesses please clean your setbacks. They belong to you and are considered private property. (The setback is the area between sidewalk & the building or fence and is typically the area you are maintaining).

RV's were advised NOT to return to the cleaned up locations.

Should an RV return and attempt to settle, please contact Compton Sheriff Station immediately (310) 605-6500. There will be added patrols for the next 90 days.

For trash and/or illegal dumping, please use TheWorks app or call 888 8DUMPING.

If you witness an illegal dumping live and can safely video or take photos of the act, please email your videos and/or photos to Adriana Ornelas at

Be sure to include all the details.

If you are member of the Chamber, please feel free to contact me and I will assist.

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