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This Is About Us.

This is about us.

Every other Wednesday, we organize a Collaborative Homeless Outreach Event. Service providers from throughout the South Bay join forces and work with the RV community

(Agencies include HOPICS, LAHSA, Harbor Interfaith, PATH, St.Joseph's Center, City of Gardena Homeless Services, MHA-LA, and CityNet).

Today, Wednesday, July 26 we visited folks living along Main Street, Compton Blvd, Broadway & Alondra, 118th Street and Spring & Lennon. Our efforts are getting more people off the streets and into housing, shelter and/or rehab. One RV at a time at it's working. Remember there are 450+ RV's that have been on our streets for over 2+ years. It will take time and effort.

We have requested the County bring dumpsters to areas with excessive waste lining the streets & sidewalks. We submitted requests use THEWORKS app to have the large piles of trash removed from Compton Blvd, Redondo Beach Blvd, Main Street, 157th (between Figueroa & Broadway), Broadway & 130th, and Athens Way.

Thank you to Mayor Cerda from the City of Gardena for sharing your perspectives with your community at last night's City Council meeting. We look forward to working with you again.

As a reminder, to request outreach for anyone living in vehicles, on the streets and/or near the freeways use An outreach team will be dispatched within 48 hours to the specific reported location and the healing process begins.

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