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Oh What A Friday.

Dumped at 3:25am on 146th Street & Broadway. This is the sixth time dirt has been dumped on our streets in the Unincorporated area. We reported it at 730am and began asking local businesses for camera footage.

Meanwhile, homeless outreach has begun along Redondo Beach Blvd East Gardena. Individuals living in RV's were offered housing & other resources. Several RV's were identified as abandoned and removed from the streets. Several individuals accepted services and were transported to local motels.

A total 4 RV's were removed from the Blvd, leaving behind piles of waste & debris. There were no immediate plans by the county to pick up the remaining debris quickly. We jumped into action and organized a Community Clean Up for Saturday morning. Working with Universal Waste Services for dumpsters, A&A Ready Mix and Robertson's Ready Mix for heavy duty equipment, we were able to remove all the waste. Those living on the streets assisted in picking up the trash as well.

Sadly, not all businesses are committed to working together on getting the street cleaned up.

If you see this happening near your business, please call Southern California Edison immediately.

(800) 655 4555

Edison Power Poles have identification plaques located on them. To report illegal power connections call (800) 655 4555.

Union Pacific Property after the clean up on Thursday & Friday.

(location 117th & Athens Way)

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