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Non Conforming Vehicle Fire

On Sunday, May 14th, an RV fire or Non Conforming Vehicle was set on fire. There were no injuries or loss of life. This is the first fire we have had since April. We alerted AT&T, Verizon & Spectrum of the fire. The County of Los Angeles, Supervisor Mitchell's office, LASD HOST Team, HOPICS, & St Joseph's Center were also notified of the situation. Currently, we have three burned RV's sitting on our streets longer than 3 months. We are seeing the landlords rebuilding the burned RV's and renting them out. (Yes, that is factual information).

Please send emails to the following individuals asking for the burned out RV's to be removed immediately before they are rented again.

The area around the burned out RV's needs to have a hazmat team on-scene to properly address the hazardous chemicals & debris.

We began working with the Dept of Justice, Environmental Justice Division to address the severe impact these fires and human waste illegal disposal is having on our business corridors. I would encourage all of you to contact Amanda Bettinelli from the DOJ. Her email is

Lastly, the fire hydrants continue to be an issue for our area. The majority are blocked by vehicles or are surrounded by large amount of debris or they are compromised by garden hoses impacting the water pressure. We have brought the media out to highlight these safety concerns. We were told by the county, this would be addressed immediately. Many areas are still waiting. Here are contacts with the LA County Fire Department. It is time we get everyone involved to address this issue before it is too late.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or need my assistance.

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