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In 2019, we started a Gardena Business Alliance to address the issues impacting local, small businesses operating along Gardena Blvd in the community of Harbor Gateway. That initial group created partnerships with the City of Gardena, Gardena Police Department, LAPD Southeast Station, Caltrans and local business leaders. This small group met on a bi-weekly basis to discuss the issues and create solutions. Updates were provided by law enforcement and both agencies worked together.

Over the last 7 days, the community of Harbor Gateway has experienced 4 shootings and 2 homicides. In addition, the entire area saw nearly 300 incidents of tagging. The tagging is happening throughout Harbor Gateway, City of Gardena and Unincorporated LA County areas of East Gardena, West Rancho Dominguez and Carson.

We monitor the issues involving criminal activity from vandalism to shootings. We provide updates to our local schools in real-time to raise the awareness throughout the community. We were approached by LAPD to schedule & host a Community Safety Awareness meeting as soon as possible. The meeting will take place on Wednesday, October 4th at 6:30pm. The location is the Nakaoka Community Center located at 1670 W 162nd Street in the City of Gardena.

If you are interested in attending the meeting, we have a limited number of seats. Please click the Eventbrite link to register to attend.

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