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Meet The Community Ambassadors Who Care...

On Saturday, May 13, Community members from throughout the area joined forces to help clean up Historic Gardena Blvd in the community of Harbor Gateway North. Volunteers from Enviromental Charter Middle School, the Boys & Girls Club, Athens Park Concerned Citizens Group, Harbor Gateway North Neighborhood Council Homeless Committee & the Harbor Gateway South Neighborhood Council picked up the waste around the schools & the Boys & Girls Club. We also drove street by street and picked up all the dumped items.

To date, our efforts have removed 606 Tons of debris from the streets. We have assisted with getting services to those individuals living on the streets during our clean up efforts. These clean ups have been successful at getting the community more engaged in their neighborhoods and also an opportunity to learn how to successfully utilize the free resources to request pick ups from their local cities. It has given us the ability to teach others how to request outreach for those living on the streets.

The first Saturday of every month we commit our efforts to Gardena Blvd around Environmental Charter Middle School, Gardena Elementary and the Boys & Girls Club. Clean ups begin at 8am and typically end by 10am. If there is an area, you would like to create a community clean up, please let us know. Our greatest need is to have someone take photos.

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