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#Let's Collaborate.

Collaboration at its finest! Today we brought together some of the business community and some of the homeless in the area. This was a chance to explore the situation from both sides. To listen to their experiences was quite unsettling. A local business reached out to ABC7 to help us with getting coverage on the Environmental Impact harming our business corridor. East Gardena/West Rancho Dominguez and Harbor Gateway are now on the radar.

On the homeless front, we are visiting the RV's nearly every day. We are reporting the illegal dumping, piles of waste, raw sewage issues, graffiti, blocked fire hydrants and illegal power hook ups. Once that reporting is done, we begin the outreach process. Visiting the RV's and following up with those individuals that indicated they might be ready for services. Typically, I will receive messages on social media asking for my help. Often times, we create the relationship simply asking a few basic questions. From there, we connect them to the homeless service providers.

Join us if you want to be part of the change. Meeting is Thursday, August 3rd at 2pm.

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