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It Is A Circus On Our Streets.

Fires of any type especially those involving RV's and/or passenger vehicles continue to be a threat to our streets, our infrastructure, and our environment. The video posted was created to showcase how crazy things are on the streets. This particular fire was caused by drugs. The owner of the RV was contacted and apparently is a tow truck operator. While I was out attempting to help the displaced female, the owner showed up.

Interestingly, once the fire was extinguished, the following night he decided to tow the burned trailer to Figueroa and dump it. We were able to gather the video of him disposing of the vehicle on the street. His tow truck only had one front license plate, we were able to capture it and turn it in to LAPD.

Cameras are making a difference in our business corridors. It is worth investment to have quality cameras that can capture the activities that are harming our neighborhoods.

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