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Incidents and Reporting.

Tracking incidents in our communities is not a simple process. With the RV fires, we discovered there was no reporting between the fire department and elected leaders. Nor between fire & law enforcement unless arson or loss of life occurred. Complicating our neighborhoods, we have county & city entities that respond to specific areas. One side of the street may belong to the county while the other side belongs to the city. Neither of which communicate with each other on day to day issues.

We have been tracking the fires involving the RV's & passenger vehicles within the Unincorporated LA County areas, and Harbor Gateway. We track issues along the Caltrans areas involving fires as well. Medical emergencies are occurring at an alarming rate especially with those living in the RV's.

This morning during our drive, we happen to pass a location that had unusual activity so we snapped a photo. It turned out to be possible burglary. Please do your part, by reporting all unusual activity or incidents impacting your business. The more that is reported the more resources are dedicated to the area.

For ALL Emergency, Life Threatening Issues CALL 911 or TEXT 911

For non-emergency issues call your local law enforcement stations

  • Compton Sheriff Station (310) 605-6500

  • Century Sheriff Station (310) 568-4800

  • Carson Sheriff Station (310) 830-1123

  • Gardena Police Dept. (310) 217-9670

  • LAPD Non-Emergency 877-ASK-LAPD

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