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How We Are Addressing The Issues.

Bringing our elected officials to those locations which require immediate attention. Councilman McOsker toured the Jonathan Louis Facility in Harbor Gateway and witnessed the issues that were impacting them from receiving their supplies & deliveries.

Jonathan Louis Furniture has been making fine furniture in Harbor Gateway for over 40 years. One of a handful of manufacturers that produce furniture locally. Their operation employs nearly 250+ people who live locally.

Working with our media partners to highlight the ongoing issues impacting our business corridors has brought additional resources to these areas. We have worked with NBC4 Los Angeles, KTLA5, FoxLA, ABC7, Univision & Telemundo.

When issues happen, we are contacting the proper agencies to respond & assist with finding solutions. A storm drain owned by the county of LA with homeless individuals living in the location. To further complicate the situation, individuals in this area allegedly have been stealing copper from the railroad areas.

A hidden city literally built in an area with very limited oversight. These are the locations we monitor everyday.

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