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Harbor Gateway North & South Updates.

Wednesday, March 6th, Joel Grover from NBC4 ran a story regarding Mayor's Bass' promise to address the RV Encampments. We took Joel on a drive throughout the area to show him some of the hardest hit locations. During our segment, we met several of the residents living in the RV's who indicated they were ready for help. Councilmember McOsker's team had clean ups planned for Wilmington & Harbor Gateway North this week.

A Care+ Clean Up was scheduled for 130th & 132nd in Harbor Gateway North. Crews removed waste from the sidewalks and towed vehicles that had been sitting on the streets for several months.

There is still much work ahead to address the issues revolving around the RV's throughout the City of Los Angeles. We are concerned about businesses unable to access their driveways with large trucks due to streets being lined with RV's.

Harbor Gateway South business corridor is experiencing a logistics traffic nightmare. Trucks are lining the center dividers waiting to pick up or deliver from local companies. Often times, impeding visibility for employees trying to enter or exit driveways. Trucks are idling for up to an hour. We have been working with LAPD Harbor, South Bureau Traffic & CHP South Los Angeles to assist with this ongoing issue. We have scheduled a meeting for April 4th with all logistic companies in the area to work on a plan.

Harbor Gateway South & Unincorporated LA County area known as Tortilla Flats continue to see truck idling and creating safety issues. The trucks are often idling near residential neighborhoods. We have reached out to all logistic companies, building owners and tenants to get them involved in solving this ongoing problem.

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