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Extraordinary Efforts Are Bringing Every Available Resource to Our Unincorporated LA County Areas...

One month ago, we reached out to every homeless outreach service provider in the South Bay to provide assistance with the 65+ children living in the RV's along the Broadway Corridor. That initial outreach brought resources from the City of Los Angeles, City of Gardena and outside area Service Providers. This was the first time a joint outreach had been attempted in the Unincorporated LA County Areas of East Gardena, West Rancho Dominguez, Willowbrook and Compton.

Agencies work within their Service Planning Areas (also referred to as SPA's). These areas have very specific boundaries and often times, the areas are serviced by different agencies. As an example, Figueroa is the dividing line between SPA 6 & SPA 8. When an unhoused individual simply crosses from one side of the street to the other, they become part of the new area. In the past, this has created a black hole for the homeless. Now, agencies are working more closely to ensure this is no longer happening.

On Wednesday, April 5th, these same teams returned to the area and began following up with those living in the RV's. They will continue to be deployed in our area every other Wednesday. This will bring 45+ outreach workers into the business corridor. We will continue to monitor and update the progress of these outreach efforts.

We have been advised that the RV Protocols Report is going to be released this week by the county. I am not optimistic on the release of this report prior to Easter. Once I have more details, we will update immediately.

As a reminder, to request homeless outreach for anyone living in a vehicle or on the street, please use The more you request, the more resources are deployed.

Start reporting each RV.

For Waste and Graffiti removal in the Unicorporated LA County areas, use TheWorks app or call 888 8DUMPING. Blocked FIRE HYDRANTS, please report to us at

For Waste, Graffiti Removal, Nonworking Street Lights within the City of Los Angeles, please use MYLA311 app, Call 311 or Email

We are here to help.

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