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Community Safety Meeting

SAFETY has always been our top priority. Keeping the streets safe by working together with our law enforcements partners, sanitation and elected officials on a daily basis by providing critical updates on the issues impacting all of our neighborhoods from the Unincorporated areas, Community of Harbor Gateway and the City of Gardena.

We are bringing everyone together to discuss the uptick in gang activity from graffiti/tagging, assaults and shootings impacting every area we serve.

This is our opportunity to have an open discussion on the issues and how we can keep everyone safe.

It's time we become proactive and not reactive.

What we are seeing now is outside gangs entering into the area. We have experienced multiple shootings, 2 homicides and other gang related crimes.

Please join us on Wednesday, October 4th from 630pm until 830pm at the Nakaoka Community Center located at 1670 W 162nd Street Room E in Gardena. Space is limited so please email

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