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Community Engagement.

Friday, we donated 150 backpacks to Environmental Charter Middle School and met all the new & returning students.

We committed to ensuring the children in our communities would have safer, cleaner streets.

Starbucks donated 300 reusable cups for the students & staff as well.

Honoring our front line folks that are impacting positive change on our streets and with our homeless. This the key to our success.

Friday night, we hosted dinner at Eatalian in East Gardena. Folks from HOPICS, LAHSA, WLCAC, MHALA, LA Sanitation, GAP, Council District One-Five, and community activists joined us for a celebratory dinner. What happened next....

The restaurant donated 25 meals to the homeless. So we took hot meals to those folks who are transitioning from RV to hotels to housing.

It was the perfect way to end the night!

Thank you to the following individuals for making a positive impact in our communities:

George M from Council District One-Five(15)

Shannon from WLCAC

Renee from MHALA

Michael from LA Sanitation

Darryl from LAHSA

Victor from GAP

Barbara from Harbor Gateway North NC District 7 Rep

John from Avalon Gardens Community Association

Janet from CUPS

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