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Another Successful Clean Up

Over the weekend, community ambassadors & homeless came together to remove the piles of rotting waste along Redondo Beach Blvd between San Pedro St & Main St in the community of East Gardena. Over the four hour period, 14 volunteers managed to remove 8 dumpsters of debris (equivalent of 16 tons) from the street.

Here's what we encountered during the removal process:

  • Infestation of hundreds of rats & mice

  • Rotting food being donated by local churches sitting in massive piles

  • Human waste in bags

  • Black Water run-off from the RV's running into the storm drains

Those living in the RV's and/or on the sidewalks in tents participated in the process. Many of them shared stories of being paid by some dumper during the overnight hours not to turn them in for leaving the junk on the streets & sidewalks.

If you would like to make a donation to help us continue our efforts at cleaning up the streets, and finding alternative resources making our streets safer, please donate today. Your financial contributions enable us to work the streets everyday, ensuring reporting of issues is being done daily. Without your financial support, we will begin to slow down our efforts.

The next clean up is scheduled for Saturday, April 27th starting at 8am. Parking is available at LAMP Presbyterian Church located at 401 W Redondo Beach Blvd.

To report or request a free pick up of illegally dumped items, please use TheWorks app, or Call 888 8DUMPING.

To request homeless outreach for anyone living on the street or in a vehicle (including RV's) please visit

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