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Breaking News on ZONING

As of February 2023, Metro Planning LA has proposed changes to Title 22 planning and zoning of the Los Angeles county code. This new zoning system may affect property owners and business owners. The Metro Area Plan will update land use policy and zoning maps, add new definitions, and new land use regulations and permitting requirements. Land and buildings will become less valuable because its uses are limited, some land uses will be restricted, and some existing businesses will be required to close or move within 4 years. Businesses zoned as M1 will become the new M.5 which will limit business practices or restrict certain businesses altogether. Businesses zoned under 1.5, 2 or 2.5 may also be down zoned. 

Public spaces like community centers, theaters and museums will be affected by changes to M.1 zoning. Most industrial practices will be expunged. Production shops, storage centers, and recycling and waste facilities will be forced to close or move.

Attached to this newsletter is the Metro Planning LA proposal. Businesses must make comments on these proposed changes. 

Please voice your concerns to 

Planning proposal information and QR codes: 

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For more information please visit

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