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An Update on the RV Pilot Program

RV Pilot Program

The County of Los Angeles and Supervisor Mitchell's office are still working on the details of the RV Pilot Program. As of this moment, they have not secured a location to place the non-working, unregistered vehicles. In addition, they are still working on hotels and/or motels for anyone wishing to be housed.

RV Pilot Program

The clean up is scheduled to begin on July 11th and last all week. They will begin on 135th and Broadway and head south to Compton Blvd. This is NOT a displacement clean up. Crews will simply be clearing out the debris, removing the burned RV's and passenger vehicles and addressing the blocked fire hydrants. Los Angeles Sheriff Department HOST team, LAHSA and HOPICS have notified those living in the RV's regarding the upcoming clean up. You should see us out on the streets offering resources & services for the next 2 weeks.

RV Pilot Program

As a reminder, listed below are the contacts from Supervisor Mitchell's office and Compton Sheriff's Office.

Kyle Lee, Constituent Services Deputy for East Gardena/West Rancho Dominguez

Isela Gracian, Homelessness Deputy

Sgt Rojas, Compton Sheriff's Dept, Community Liaison

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