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About Us

What We Do

The HGCC is committed to proactively addressing the pressing concerns that affect our business corridors and the broader community. Our focus areas include tackling homelessness, managing nonconforming RVs, enhancing employee safety, and addressing the lack of basic resources. We recognize that these issues require a comprehensive and collaborative approach, which is why we work closely with various stakeholders, including law enforcement agencies, homeless outreach providers, elected leaders, and public works departments.

Our efforts are centered on creating a safe, vibrant, and prosperous environment for businesses and residents alike. We organize and facilitate meetings, discussions, and forums to address hot topic issues such as:

  • Homelessness: Developing and implementing effective strategies to support those experiencing homelessness and reduce its impact on our community.

  • Environment: Promoting sustainable practices and addressing environmental concerns to ensure a healthy and thriving community.

  • Economic Development: Encouraging business growth and development to create a robust and dynamic local economy.

  • Traffic: Working on solutions to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion, making our streets safer and more efficient.

By engaging with a wide range of partners and stakeholders, we strive to ensure that all HGCC members have a voice in the conversations that matter most. Our goal is to foster a sense of community and collaboration, where every member can contribute to shaping the future of our neighborhoods.

The HGCC is more than just an organization; we are a dedicated team working tirelessly to make a positive impact. We believe that by addressing these critical issues head-on, we can create a better, more sustainable future for everyone in our community. Join us in our mission to make a difference and ensure that our business corridors continue to thrive.

Our Mission

Our Mission at the Harbor Gateway Chamber of Commerce is to empower businesses to thrive by being an invaluable resource for optimizing connections and advocating for clean, safe, healthy business corridors.

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