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Working Hard To Find Solutions Before Someone Is Injured.

We are on the streets everyday. Reporting the waste, the graffiti and requesting aid for those living on the streets, in lots, in vehicles or near our freeways. It has been our top priority. We typically provide updates to the County, Law Enforcement, Elected Leaders, Edison & Golden State Water.

Yesterday, we requested Edison to disconnect some illegal power connections from Athens Way & 129th. This area has been notorious for illegal activity. What we discovered this morning was a first for us. Outlets being attached to the bases of the wooden power poles then connected to the transformers using a nail & copper wiring.

We are out on the streets representing every business, building owner and employee. We are helping the unhoused by bringing more resources from throughout the South Bay. The issues are overwhelming but, we are chipping away at them. We have asked every business & building owner to support our efforts.

Become a member and help reshape your business corridor.

Clean, Safe, Healthy Streets will happen when we work together.

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