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Is Living In An RV Truly Housed?

This morning during a clean up in Harbor Gateway, the individuals living in this situation simply walked away, declining all services. I was contacted to assist a single father with two young small children and to see what resources were available for them. It hurts my heart to witness children living in this type of environment. With all the funding and programs available, a single father with children does not have many options for help. The majority of programs only allow mothers with children. Hotel vouchers are non-existent at this point or in this situation.

Do we simply allow them to be displaced onto the street?


We work until we find a solution to ensure those children have a safe, clean place to sleep. Child Protective Services views anyone living in an RV as a housed individual. Yet, the elected leaders vehemently deny anyone has categorized individuals in an RV as housed. It is further evidence of the disconnect between the homeless, the county and the city.

How can anyone believe this is housing for small children?

Last year, we housed families which we paid for since there were no funds. This is one more situation where we will assist the family while resources are being secured. Our commitment to helping the homeless will never stop. By working with those on our streets, creating a path to indoor housing through private funding, it will enable us to continue our pursuit of cleaner, safer, healthier neighborhoods & business corridors.

The work we do now will bring vitality back to our areas.

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