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We Need Your Financial Support.

For the ten businesses in the Unincorporated LA County areas of East Gardena/West Rancho Dominguez that have supported our efforts and joined or renewed their memberships in the Chamber of Commerce, THANK YOU.

Financially the work which is being done is unsustainable without the support of the business community. We are not going to be able to continue to provide services without your support. Streets are being cleaned up. Resources are reappearing again. The RV Encampment Program is commencing. What will the enforcement look like? Will there be any enforcement? Imagine not being able to contact the Chamber for help? We will begin shifting our priority to those businesses which are members.

We are NOT an average Chamber of Commerce. We are creating cleaner, safer, healthier streets before we can accomplish anything else. The issues in the Unincorporated Areas are complicated but we are making progress.

The Chamber of Commerce offers multiple membership levels with various benefits.

To become a member, visit

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