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We Have Two Choices.

To Report or Not To Report. Graffiti impacts all of our neighborhoods. It is now a choice. We can report as soon as we see it or we can leave it & hope someone else reports it.

Typically, when graffiti is reported in the morning, it is removed the same day.

Listed below are the ways to report Graffiti for each jurisdiction. If you haven't reported graffiti or other issues, give it a try, we promise you'll see how simple & easy it is.

Unincorporated LA County Areas (East Gardena, West Rancho Dominguez, Willowbrook & Compton)

Use TheWorks app

Call 888 8DUMPING

City of Los Angeles Areas (Including Harbor Gateway)

Use MYLA311 app

Call 311

City of Gardena Areas

Use GardenaDirect App

Call 310 217 9650

As always, we are here to help.

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