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We Brought The Homeless Outreach Providers To Our Area.

Homelessness affects us all, it isn't someone else's problem.Homelessness is a growing problem, and it's impacting our children, youth and environment; besides our businesses and its employees. It has caused a wave throughout our community. Every request that is made adds a "DOT" to a map identifying the location and sending resources to the area. All homeless outreach requests should be done using and typically are handled within 24-48 hours.

For the first time, David Matthews was able to coordinate and bring multiple homeless outreach agencies to come into the largest RV encampment area in Unincorporated Los Angeles County. This was the first time these organizations partnered between two different service provider areas. Both City and County officials worked side by side.

The organizations that participated were LAHSA, Harbor Interfaith, PATH, HOPICS, MHALA, Gardena Human Services, St Joseph's Center, WLCAC. George Magallanes from Councilmember Tim McOsker's Council District 15 and April Johnson from LA County Supervisor Holly Mitchell all joined in the street outreach.

Please actively participate in the continued improvement of our community- join the Harbor Gateway Chamber of Commerce-we need your help!

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