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Update for Thursday, January 11th.

As the new day arrives, we are on the streets reporting the problematic locations. We received information that a regular illegal dumper is bringing piles of dirt to a specific location every morning at 6am. It is this commitment that is helping reshape our business corridors.

Reporting & requesting services today will bring those resources to our communities tomorrow. Our simple drives every day using the apps reporting the illegal dumping, graffiti and requesting homeless outreach brought service providers to the area this morning. It took over a year of constant reporting to help make this happen but we never waivered on our mission. CLEAN, SAFE, HEALTHY STREETS.

The greatest gift we can give to our communities is time. Please consider supporting our efforts by becoming a member of the Harbor Gateway Chamber of Commerce. Your support will enable us to make more steps in a positive direction. For more information, please visit

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