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Union Pacific Railroad & Caltrans Updates.

Union Pacific Railroad will begin cleaning up their property in the Rancho Dominguez area on Wednesday, March 13th. They will begin on Santa Fe and work their way south. Railroad police will begin outreach starting Monday, March 11th.

Potholes near railroad crossings should be reported to Union Pacific Railroad. Please call (888) 877 7267

Here are listing of railroad crossing ID's for the Rancho Dominguez area:

Las Hermanas  747699F

Harcourt          747700X

Victoria.           747701E

Reyes.             924064P

Santa Fe.         903137P

Captain Paz from Union Pacific can be reached via email

The unforgotten areas along the 110 freeway often become "hotspots" for questionable activities. Crews from Caltrans will begin clearing out these areas starting at Redondo Beach Blvd and working north to railroad property. Should you see individuals in the Caltrans areas, you can submit a Service Request by clicking the link below.

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