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Tuesday, April 30th

On Tuesday, April 30th at 2:32am, an individual dumped 450 pounds of rotting pork products on the corner of Redondo Beach Blvd & San Pedro in West Rancho Dominguez. During our morning drive, we stumbled upon it. Working with Public Works we were able to get the mess picked up on the same day.

Sifting through the boxes, we were able to identify the company which produced the items. They provided us with the local distribution facility. Who then provided us with where the items were sold.

Allegedly, this individual has been dumping meat & other items for years at this location.

Working with a local business, we were able to obtain video footage of the dumping. The vehicle was positively identified at a local restaurant.

UPDATE: Officials visited the local restaurant and provided educational materials & proper disposal of solid waste.

Meanwhile in Rancho Dominguez while reporting the graffiti & dumping, we stumbled into this mess. What we thought were empty boxes were actually filled with inventory from Macy's Distribution Center. Working with their corporate security, these boxes were stolen 3 year ago.

Running water out of a business under construction is never a good thing. Fortunately, we were able to notify the property management company and they had a plumber on-site quickly.

We ended the day at the East Gardena Neighborhood Association meeting. The group meets the last Tuesday of the month. Follow them on Instagram @eastgardenaneighborhoodassoc

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