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Thursday, May 2, 2024

Our morning began on Union Pacific Railroad Property next to Rosecrans Recreation Center located on 149th & Vermont. Crews from the railroad began cleaning up the areas along the park heading to North towards Figueroa Street. We have been proactively working with the railroad to keep their property clean & safe. The railroad has been a member of the Chamber of Commerce since we began in 2019.

A new fencing project began earlier this year for Rosecrans Recreation Center. Working with Prologis, they gifted the park with new fencing, new lighting & new pathways. Fencing along the park has been a major safety concern for years. This new project will enable the community to feel safer while enjoying the park.

Unfortunately during the clean up, we were alerted to an illegal dumping in progress on 117th & Athens Way. When we arrived, the hitch trailer had been abandoned on an active railroad line. We were able to get railroad police & LAPD to the location. Crews were pulled from the park and repositioned to this location. Individuals returned to the location attempting to save their hitch trailer. However, it was destroyed by the railroad. The red truck was seized by LAPD.

Meet Erin & Mitzi from City Net. They work with the railroad to ensure anyone experiencing homelessness along railroad property are offered services & resources. The railroad provides resources before and during a clean up on their property. CityNet is another resource available to our homeless.

Meet Officer Futak from Union Pacific Railroad Police & Nicholas Chavez from Councilman Tim McOsker's office.

To report any issues regarding Union Pacific Railroad property,

call (800) 877 7267 or visit

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