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The March For Clean Streets Continues...

When they dump, we start our process to find them.

One more dumper caught and prosecution has started. 133rd and Broadway is a CHRONIC location for illegal dumping. Haulers, unmarked dump trucks filled with thousands of pounds of dirt, construction materials and trash often select this location. While we are waiting for cameras to be installed, we are sorting through the trash and finding where the stuff is coming from.

On Thursday morning, a local resident from the city of Gardena allegedly dumped furniture boxes, bags of waste and HVAC ducts. Fortunately, they managed to leave one very small sticker which contained their name, address and delivery date with time. We visited the home and sure enough items were on the sidewalk.

Our partnership with the City of Gardena resulted in code enforcement and police visiting their home. We have also filed an illegal dumping case with Public Works in the County of Los Angeles.

This is just one of many examples why your financial support is needed to continue the fight to reshape the business corridors into cleaner, safer areas.

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