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State Of The Area.

Let's start with the issues. Last week's clean up resulted in 119 RV's relocating to other locations in the area. Redondo Beach Blvd, Compton Blvd, 157th Street, Main Street, Avalon Blvd, and Spring & Lennon were hit hard. Areas that were previously cleaned up suddenly had the RV's returning. It was difficult to witness it. We notified those involved with the clean up of the situation as it was happening or rather when we realized it. The county has not provided an updated clean up schedule nor have they provided an update on when the RV Pilot Program would commence. Supervisor Mitchell's office reached out to us on July 6, asking if we would be willing to host a community business meeting and we said "YES".

I would like to schedule an In-Person meeting with all businesses & building owners for Thursday, August 3rd at 2pm.

On the positives for last week, the Broadway Corridor was cleaned up. The area around Phillips66 Complex, Robertson's Ready Mix and Union Pacific Railroad Properties were cleaned up and safety issues were addressed. Red curbs were implemented within a 150 feet from the aprons of the driveways to ensure better visibility and to help reduce traffic collisions. Fire hydrants were cleared as well.

Homeless outreach providers were out every day during the clean up. LASD HOST team continues to set the standard for the outreach protocols. These dedicated individuals work tirelessly with the unhoused and those in the RV's to get them to accept the help. The Chamber provided breakfast treats and coffee during the clean ups.

Many of you reached out during the clean up last week voicing your frustrations with the RV's and the issues impacting your ability to run a business. Please remember when you are contacting us, we rely on your membership to support the work. We are not a "normal" Chamber of Commerce. We are creating protocols for an area that had very little representation. Clean, Safe, Healthy streets seems simple but in an area with 450+RV's with overlapping jurisdictions, it is much more complicated than it appears.

If you are not a member, please consider making an investment into a membership. There is a lot of work ahead for all of us.

Once again, we would like to schedule an In-Person Community Business Meeting with businesses and building owners for Thursday, August 3rd at 2pm.

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