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RV Encampment Pilot Program Belated Update.

Tuesday, August 22nd, the RV Encampment Program went into effect in East Gardena/West Rancho Dominguez area. The first targeted locations were

  • Main Street between Rosecrans & Compton Blvd

  • Spring & Lennon

  • Athens Way between 129th & 132nd

Media from throughout Los Angeles broadcast live during the process. We ensured everyone was invited to our community event.

  • ABC7

  • KTLA5

  • NBC4

  • KCAL9



Our hard work made all this possible. We never stopped pushing forward for help.

The results from the two day clean up along Main Street and Spring & Lennon:

  • 59 people accepted help including 3 families

  • 28 RV's were permanently removed from circulation

Our outreach efforts provided names of those individuals ready for help. Meet Erin, she is on her way to a better future.

The healing has begun for our area. We promised Cleaner, Safer, & Healthier Streets and we have never wavered on making that our top priority.

We are not a normal Chamber of Commerce dealing with normal community issues.

We rely on the support of the business community through memberships, sponsorships and donations.

Did Anyone Attempt To Return The Areas That Were Cleaned Up?

Yes and within 96 hours they were removed. Once an area is cleaned up, there are protocols in place to prevent them from returning. Please contact us or Sgt Rojas from Compton Sheriff Station for further information. It is now our choice to report or to allow.

Compton Sheriff Station (310) 605-6500

Century Sheriff Station (323) 568-4800

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