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Re-addressing Basic Safety

Fire hydrants are designed to instantly provide the water required by fire fighters to extinguish a fire. The compromised hydrants have been my number one concern especially with the large amount of RV fires. Today, Golden State Water began checking the hydrants in the areas that were cleaned up. Replacement hydrants are being ordered. Leaking hydrants have been addressed.

Meet the Norway Rat.

This is the most common rat in the US & is a major disease carrier. During the clean ups, they were popping out from the piles. At one point, I went business to business asking everyone to close their loading dock doors & entry ways.

For first time, LA County Public Health was included and participated in the clean up. I asked if they would participate in our "Community Clean Ups" to address the raw sewage issues, rodent infestations and other health concerns, they agreed.


There is a group placing orange cones on public streets (i.e.157th) to save parking spaces for the truck drivers while they are delivering cross country. Allegedly, these individuals have been charging people to park on the public street. The majority of cones are stamped with LADOT, Spectrum, AT&T, etc.

Please contact Compton Sheriff at 310 605 6500 if you are approached for payment to park on a public street.

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