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Rancho Dominguez Clean Up

On Tuesday, March 5th, Public Works began cleaning up in the Rancho Dominguez area. They started on Gladwick and worked their way east. Crews were able to remove trash from the streets. The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department HOST team along with LAHSA provided outreach to those individuals living in the RV's and along the streets. Deputies from Carson Sheriff Station provided additional coverage.

On Wednesday, March 6th, clean ups continued along Las Hermanas, Harcourt, Ana, Reyes and Santa Fe. These are the first of many clean ups slated to happen in the Rancho Dominguez area.

During the clean up, we encountered a homeless individual living in trash under a tarp. He could not walk and needed medical aid. He did not realize that he needed to leave his location to get help. To complicate matters, he pulled a knife on anyone that tried to help him. Because of the danger with the knife, LAHSA & the fire department left the location because of the danger. Public Works was also unsettled and did not finish the clean up. This situation is an example of the many uncertainties that can occur when you are involved in a clean up. To resume these projects, we will need to set up additional protocols.

It was evident this man needed more assistance. . An ambulance was called. At which point, the man in distress surrendered the knife and accepted our help. Because he was so apprehensive, he insisted I accompany him in the ambulance. It is unusual for us to get involved at this level. This situation highlights some of the complications during a clean up.

When something unexpected and dangerous happens, what do you do next? It was my choice was to get in the ambulance and save his life.

At this point in time, there are NO resources for the homeless and/or removal of the RV's. This is county wide. When resources become available, then we will be able to continue with various solutions including k-rails. It is important that we continue to remove trash, identify dangerous situations and report illegal dumpers. This should be done with Carson Sheriff and Public Works. If possible, take photos, and videos to help facilitate prosecution.

Next week, the HGCC will be partnering with Union Pacific Railroad to begin cleaning up railroad property starting on Santa Fe following the tracks going south. Clean ups will continue throughout the area.

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