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Public Safety.

This is how it started and why I came into the Unincorporated LA County Areas of East Gardena, West Rancho Dominguez and Willowbrook. Blocked, Inaccessible, Fire Hydrants often times with little water pressure.

The clean up on Monday, October 30th, and our area is still at risk. It makes absolutely no sense to me why this continues to be a chronic issue in our areas. Our business corridors are at risk.

Businesses don't wait until you have to call 911 and the fire department has to bring water. To report a blocked fire hydrant,

CALL Golden State Water at 800 999 4033.

Send emails to Supervisor Mitchell and her team.

Kyle Lee, Constituent Engagement Deputy

April Johnson, Constituent Engagement Director

Richard Ruelas from LA County Fire

Please do your part by simply reporting the issue(s). Feel free to include me in the email

One more reason to support and become a member of the Harbor Gateway Chamber of Commerce.

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