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Our First Reported Illegal Dumper.

The FIRST of many many more reports. Illegal dumping is a crime. Illegal dumping is placing our business corridors and neighborhoods at greater risk to fires, rodents and crime. As I write this post, If We Are Not Reporting The Illegal Dumping, The Illegal Activity that is impacting our communities, We Are Allowing It.

To report all criminal activities, contact your local Sheriff's Station or Law Enforcement Agency.

For Unincorporated areas of East Gardena, and West Rancho Dominguez, contact Compton Sheriff Station at (310) 605-6500.

For Unincorporated areas of Willowbrook, West Rancho Dominguez (North of Rosecrans), Avalon Gardens, Athens Park, contact Century Sheriff Station at (323) 568-4800.

For Unincorporated Carson, and Rancho Dominguez, contact Carson Sheriff Station at (310) 830-1123.

For City of Los Angeles Neighborhoods, file an online LAPD Police Report using the provided link

For City of Gardena Neighborhoods, file an online Gardena Police Report using the provided link

Every incident matters.

For our members, should you need additional assistance, please contact me directly.

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