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Congratulations City of Gardena...

Thursday, March 30th, Mayor Tasha Credo gave her State of the City Update. The Nakaoka Community Center was packed with excited stakeholders, elected City Council Members and Mayors from the Cities of Carson, Compton, and Hawthorne.

Our partnership with the City of Gardena started back in 2018 with meetings held on Gardena Blvd to address the concerns impacting both sides of the Blvd. These meetings helped forge a strong bond between Harbor Gateway North and the City of Gardena.

We are committed to helping keep the streets in Gardena clean & safe. We typically drive the neighborhoods reporting the illegal dumping and graffiti. We assist local businesses with the ongoing homeless issues.

Congratulations for being awarded the "Most Business Friendly City Award"!!!

We truly appreciate the City of Gardena.

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