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Our Commitment To Getting Resources To Our Homeless.

"We See You"

"We Have Services For You"


Three months ago, we reached out to homeless outreach service providers from the entire South Bay to assist with the 450+ RV's and individuals living on the sidewalks throughout the East Gardena/West Rancho Dominguez area. From the first outreach, we realized we needed to start a regular collaborative outreach. Every other Wednesday, you will see teams along the Broadway corridor and throughout Harbor Gateway visiting each RV and following up with their clients.

Please do your part by simply submitting a request for anyone living in vehicles, on the streets or near our freeways by using

Outreach teams are typically deployed within 48 hours.

Thank you to the following service providers for assisting us in the Unincorporated LA County Areas:




  • St Joseph's Center

  • Mental Health America-Los Angeles Chapter

  • City of Gardena Homeless Services

  • Harbor Interfaith

  • Path Partners

  • CityNet


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