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October 25th Update.

RV Encampment Removals are tentatively scheduled to begin on November 6th on the following streets of East Gardena:

  • 157th between Figueroa & San Pedro

  • Broadway between Alondra & 157th

  • Main Street between Alondra & Redondo Beach Blvd

The HOST team from LASD, LAHSA, HOPICS & St Joseph's Center began notifying those living in the RV's, and on the sidewalk of the upcoming clean up. This will be our second location for Pathway To Home Program.

Out of the box thinking. Creative problem solving. We are working to bring additional resources to mitigate the chronic waste issues in the business corridors. On Monday, October 30th at 10am, the county will provide large dumpsters on Compton Blvd to remove all the bulky items and bags of waste. We are working with the homeless to get them involved in this clean up. The Chamber will provide gloves, shovels, brooms and hand sanitizer. The county will provide trash bags and the dumpsters. This is a "first" for the county. Everyone is welcome to help.

Crime is on the rise throughout the area. Yesterday, a hit & run occurred on 117th & Broadway. The suspect hit a man on a bike, dragging the body into the intersection of El Segundo & Broadway.

As of 2pm this afternoon, the suspect had been arrested.

Please call 911 before calling me if you see a body laying in the street or witness a crime in progress. When I arrived on scene, LAPD Southeast & LASD Century had covered the body and secured the area.

We are committed to helping keep our streets clean & safe. Using every possible resource to ensure issues are being reported on daily basis. tracks all reported incidents from law enforcement agencies in our area. You can sign up to receive a daily update for your specific area.

The illustrated map showcases all reported incidents within the Unincorporated LA County areas of East Gardena, West Rancho Dominguez, Willowbrook and Harbor Gateway. If we aren't reporting, there is no record of the incident. Last week, 100 plus buildings were hit by taggers. Sadly, very few were reported.

Every Day. Every Day. Every Day.

We are finding new resources to fill the void for those experiencing food insecurity. We are creating partnerships with outside agencies to help us with our homeless population. We are supporting our law enforcement agencies ensuring they have access to these same resources. This Halloween we donated supplies to Rosecrans Park, Normandale Park, Halldale Elementary, 186th Street Elementary, Environmental Charter Middle School, Boys & Girls Club, LAPD Harbor, LAPD Southeast, and CHP Torrance. Thank you to Nova Storage for donating storage space to help us with all the donations.

If you aren't a member of the Harbor Gateway Chamber of Commerce, consider joining. Your support is needed to help us continue to make progress in our neighborhoods.

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