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The "Illegal Dumping" case that you witnessed, under Sheriff's Department case number 923-15847-2141-399, was sent to the District Attorney's Compton Office for filing consideration. Unfortunately, the case (DA CASE #43580368) was declined. The charges were declined "in the interest of justice as outlined by the District Attorney's Mission Statement and Special Directive 20-07."

With a video and three witnesses, the DA is refusing to move forward with the case. I am beyond words. We are now placing our business corridors at greater risk from these dumpers being permitted to simply dump on our streets. I have reached out to Supervisor Mitchell's office for assistance with this issue.

PLEASE continue to report the illegal dumping. IF you catch them dumping, please text or call me so we can respond accordingly. I will not stand back to allow this to continue in our neighborhoods and neither should you.

I will provide an update and some sort of plan shortly.

As reminder, here are the resources to report the Illegal Dumping and Graffiti:

Unincorporated LA County Areas of East Gardena, West Rancho Dominguez, Rancho Dominguez, Rosewood, Avalon Gardens, and Willowbrook


Call 888 8DUMPING

Submit videos of the illegal dumping to DUMPING@DPW.LACOUNTY.GOV

For ALL City of Los Angeles Neighborhoods

MYLA311 app

Call 311

City of Gardena Neighborhoods

GardenaDirect app

Call 310 217 9650

We will NOT sit back and allow this to impact our ability to keep our streets clean & safe. That is a promise!

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Scandalous. Is this one of the Soros-supported DAs I've heard so much about? This has got to stop.

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