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No Means No.

Clean ups took place on Monday, November 6th and were completed on Thursday, November 9th in the East Gardena area. Sixty one people accepted help and are no longer on the streets. 49 RV's were removed from circulation and slated to be destroyed. Now, we must work to ensure the unregistered, nonworking RV's do not return. During my early morning drive, we stumbled upon someone trying to set up camp on 157th. With the help of Compton Sheriff, we were able to have them move on.

Please contact Compton Sheriff at (310)605 6500 if an RV returns to the recently cleaned up locations along Broadway, Main, 157th and San Pedro. Do your part by removing all trash in front or near your business. Report graffiti immediately.

Reporting is fast & quick by using TheWorks app or calling 888 8DUMPING.

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