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Let's Talk Raw Sewage.

One of our major concerns is the raw sewage on our streets, gutters and sidewalks. Reporting this specific issue can be complicated. Within the Unincorporated LA County areas, please use THEWORKS app. The app allows you to upload photos and will assign a tracking number. Researching the web today, we discovered quite a bit of out dated information on how to report and were redirected multiple times before reaching the correct department.

What is sewage and why should you protect yourself from it?

Sewage is mainly water containing poop and urine along with toilet paper or wipes. Poop may contain harmful germs (bacteria and viruses), intestinal worms, and parasites.

How can you be exposed to raw sewage?

Simply walking on our streets and/or sidewalks.

You can then be exposed to sewage if

  • You put your hands in or close to your mouth when eating, drinking and smoking.

  • You wipe your face with dirty hands or gloves.

  • Sewage gets into cuts, scratches or wounds.

  • You walk in sewage that has run onto the ground.

Can you get sick from raw sewage?

Raw sewage contains germs like bacterias and viruses as well as parasites and worms that can cause stomach and intestine or liver illness.

I now spray my shoes prior to entering my car with 90% rubbing alcohol to kill whatever bacterias & viruses I have encountered while working the streets.

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