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January Planning Meetings.

VACATION is now a distant memory. The majority of businesses & elected leaders have returned to normal schedule on Monday, January 8th, 2024. The video showcases the first day back in our Unincorporated LA County areas of East Gardena, West Rancho Dominguez and Harbor Gateway. We were following up with all the agencies, elected leaders and public works for both the County & City of Los Angeles.

Councilmember McOsker reached out to us after seeing the video posted on social media. The partnerships we have created with all the agencies is our greatest resource and best hope for positive change.

On Tuesday, January 9th, we participated in Coffee with LAPD at Superior Grocers located in Watts. We then attended a planning meeting for the upcoming Homeless Count in Lennox. The Homeless Count will take place on Wednesday, January 24th & Thursday, January 25th. A short time later, we participated in a Clergy & LAPD Southeast Community Meeting. This group meets once a month and discuss ways to bring the community together with the help of local church leaders.

Early evening, we stopped by the Carson City Council Meeting to show support for Mayor Lula Davis-Holmes. If you are not following her on Instagram, take a moment to follow her @mayorluladavisholmes. During the meeting, we received an alert about a body discovered in Machado Lake. We went to the location to see if it was someone we had been working with. And our night ended with a Community Meeting hosted by Gardena Police Department at Restoration Church. The Gardena Police Department provides vital information regarding crime statistics, crime prevention techniques and one on one time with the officers. I find these meeting invaluable. For upcoming meetings, please visit

Wednesday, the day started on Union Pacific Railroad property at the Rosecrans Crossing in West Rancho Dominguez. A homeless individual managed to set up an entire encampment in a few hours near the rails. We requested homeless outreach visit the gentleman before railroad police were dispatched. If you have ever wondered why the engineers blow their horns so frequently along this rail route, it is typically from someone being too close to the rails. Redondo Beach Blvd had the Sheriff's HOST team responding to the plethora of non-working passenger vehicles left on the blvd. Homeless outreach teams were deployed to Redondo Beach Blvd & Compton Blvd. They will return again on Thursday morning.

We ended our day in Rancho Dominguez, meeting with several local businesses to discuss the issues impacting their quality of life. These meetings are crucial as we are able to share the available resources and create new relationships. Rancho Dominguez is located in the Unincorporated LA County area which belongs to Supervisor Holly J Mitchell.

We are now working in this area to assist with the homeless issues and illegal dumping plaguing the business corridor.

We will be working Rancho Dominguez on Thursday & Friday working on a clean up schedule with the RV community. The county has been providing trash bins for a majority of the Unincorporated areas with RVs. However, those in the RV's have not been using them. We will be out with supplies and getting them involved in cleaning up their locations.

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