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It's Time To Financially Support The Effort.

The second clean up using dumpster(s) provided by the County of Los Angeles, donated skip loader(s) and volunteers getting involved to make a difference. Why are these efforts different? The homeless are assisting in the process. They are doing the actual clean up. Can we use this method in other locations until larger scale clean ups can be scheduled? YES.

The choice is now up to the business community to decide if the investment into the Chamber is worth it. I have worked on creating partnerships and finding alternative solutions to get these areas cleaned up. I have worked with very little financial support from the area businesses. Today's clean up in Rancho Dominguez solidifies what can be done. I have done the majority of work for the Broadway corridor, Main Street corridor and San Pedro corridor with very little support.

I have been a one person operation. With additional financial support, it would provide us the ability to hire individuals to help tackle more locations. It would enable us to add additional benefits and grow this Chamber to fully support the needs of our business corridors.

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