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Illegal Dumping & Why We Are Working to Prevent It.

Friday, October 27th, this individual decided to drop wood, bricks and other debris on 130th & Athens Way in the Unincorporated LA County area of West Rancho Dominguez. Fortunately, the local business had cameras and was able to capture the entire incident. Once we were contacted, we reached out to Penske Truck Rentals who provided us with the rental location. Emails were sent to Supervisor Mitchell's office, Sheriff Robert Luna, Century Sheriff, Illegal Dumping at Public Works so that action could take place.

On Monday, October 30th, the same individual returned to the same location to dispose of more wood, countertops and other treasurers. This time we were able to meet him. His excuse was "I am donating to the homeless. Therefore, I am not illegal dumping since they can use the wood for housing & to keep warm by making fires". The individual did not fully comprehend he was dumping on private property belonging to the County of LA, Union Pacific Railroad & Guzman Energy. Century Sheriff was contacted while he was on-scene.

The individual asked what he could to resolve the situation. At this point, the damage was done, the wood was already being used for housing near a working oil well, and vacant lot. He promised to return later in the day to pick up all of the debris and video tape it so that he could show good will and commitment to our area. He did not return.

As a Chamber of Commerce, we are committed to reshaping our neighborhoods by making them clean & safe. Two things that every business and/or resident has been concerned with since we began the work. I am happy to report Sheriff Robert Luna is now involved and asked Lt Haynes from Century Station to follow-up. We are working with Penske Rentals in Montebello. Kyle Lee from Supervisor Mitchell's office came out this morning to take photos and will also assist us.

If you aren't member of the Chamber of Commerce please get involved. Purchase an annual membership so we can continue to make progress in our communities. We have demonstrated our commitment to solving the issues and creating our own solutions.

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