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Illegal Dumping Update.

Another Victory For All of Us! We received information from LA County Public Works with an update regarding the Illegal Dumping that was caught in the act on January 2nd on Compton Blvd & Main Street. Deputies from the Sheriff's Dept issued citations this morning to the two individuals responsible for the dumping. This is our third case involving local illegal dumpers. We are now waiting to see what the DA is planning to do with the case.

We are doing everything we can to stop the illegal dumping. Cameras will soon be installed on Compton Blvd at Main Street because of the constant reporting being done by one local business owner. His reporting identified this location as a chronic. Now, resources are automatically deployed twice a week.

As a gentle reminder for the Unincorporated LA County areas, here are all the ways to report the illegal dumping and graffiti:

  • TheWorks App

  • Call 888 8DUMPING

Please help us by simply submitting a request to have the waste picked up.

We will update everyone on this pending case.

And THANK YOU to Frank for your constant reporting & phone calls.

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