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"I Want To Die Here"

Clean ups are just one part of our efforts to reshape our neighborhoods. Working with those individuals living on our streets is requiring the majority of our time. If you look closely in this photo, you will see an elderly man living in the middle of this situation. His words to me "I do not want any help. I just want to die here". It was heart wrenching to see someone with no hope. I made several calls to our homeless outreach providers to get someone to the location to no avail. On Saturday, Adult Protective Services visited him. I took an umbrella & a blanket to him as well. As of this writing, he is still in the location. Union Pacific Railroad will be sending someone from CityNet to offer him assistance on Monday.

We will continue to provide an update on this situation.

As a gentle reminder, please use to request services for anyone living on our streets and/or in vehicles. Typically, an outreach team will be deployed within 48 hours.

There isn't an area in our neighborhoods that we have not permitted to go unnoticed. Storm Drains, Caltrans Property, LADWP & Edison Properties and tunnels, we are visiting them regularly.

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