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Homelessness Is Our Priority.

Homelessness will continue to be our priority. Clean, Safe, Healthy streets starts with working along side the neighbors living on the sidewalks and/or in their vehicles. Getting the resources to them, letting everyone know they are seen and matter. Getting them to accept the help that is available while it is available.

Three years ago, we started cleaning up Figueroa Street and the railroad areas. Since we began this journey, we have a clear understanding of the process from getting someone from the street to a shelter to housing. It is not simple. Caseworkers often have 100's of clients. Follow up can be difficult especially when a clean up occurs and they relocate.

We are working with all of our neighboring cities and entities to ensure we are communicating with each other. Ensuring everyone is informed of upcoming clean ups, or collaborative outreach events. Bringing in the resources such as DMV to assist with ID Cards or DL replacements, DPSS to start the process for Calfresh, General Relief and Medi-Cal, working with Social Security to expedite social card replacements, and bringing in medical professionals to administer aid on the sidewalks.

We are proud of the work we have accomplished and the resources we have created throughout Harbor Gateway and the Unincorporated LA County Areas. Supervisor Mitchell's office has aided in getting additional resources into the area.

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