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Exclusive Look: Into LA County's Largest Homeless RV Encampment

We brought Hailey Winslow from FOX11 news to help us showcase the dangerous conditions existing throughout the Unincorporated LA County areas of East Gardena, West Rancho Dominguez, Willowbrook and Compton. Blocked Fire Hydrants from RV's parked in front of them to garden hoses attached to them are making our areas even more dangerous. Six burned RV's and 2 burned passenger vehicles have been sitting on many of our streets for months with no plans for removal. Since the airing of the first segment, all the burned RV's have been removed.

We are on the streets every day working hard to ensure resources are being brought to those living on the streets. As a reminder, we need your help with reporting the issues impacting your businesses.

For all homeless outreach, please submit a request using

outreach teams are typically deployed to the location within 48 hours.

For Graffiti Removal and Waste Removal, please use THEWORKS app or

Call 888 8DUMPING. The more we are requesting, the more resources are deployed to our area.

Lastly, please send emails with the confirmations for all requests from LA-HOP and/or TheWorks to April Johnson from Holly Mitchell's office. Email APJOHNSON@BOS.LACOUNTY.GOV

It is time we share with our elected leaders what we are having to do in order to open for business on a daily basis and protect our employees. Fox11 will be returning to our area to do more segments.

If you are not a member of the Chamber of Commerce, WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! Please contact us to become a member at

To view the entire FoxLA news segment, click below

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