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Compton Blvd at Main Street.

Compton Blvd at Main Street has been a chronic location for the illegal dumping community. The waste is often so excessive that it takes out a traffic lane. For the past several months, we have been monitoring this location. Several businesses notify us (and the county) on a daily basis keeping us posted on the mess and/or clean up. The county is working on installing cameras at this location to mitigate the dumping.

On Monday, October 30th, we sorted through the boxes of waste. Uncovering thousands of outdated invoices, company checks and personnel files from two local business which ceased operation. We took the time to drive to the address in Carson and met with the current tenant. We were able to connect with the property owner and are now waiting for information on the business owners. Hopefully, we will have success and provide that information to law enforcement and public works for investigation.

Illegal dumping is ruining our business corridors. It's bringing additional issues like crime and arson fires. Please help keep the streets clean by simply reporting the waste.

In the Unincorporated LA County areas of East Gardena, West Rancho Dominguez, Willowbrook and Rancho Dominguez, use THEWORKS app or call 888 DUMPING.

For City of Los Angeles areas, please use MYLA311 app, call 311 or email

For the City of Gardena, use GardenaDirect app or call 310 217 9650.

We are making a difference and helping to reshape our business corridors. If you are a member or are supporting the Harbor Gateway Chamber of Commerce, we THANK YOU! Please share with your neighboring businesses and get them involved.

Next Monday, November 6th we will be rolling out another Clean Up involving our homeless in Rancho Dominguez. Thank you to all those businesses who reached out for help.

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