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Cleaning Up Our Business Corridors

Last week, we began cleaning up our business corridors. Main Street between Compton Blvd & Rosecrans and Spring & Lennon were to two locations which were cleared out. With the help of LASD HOST team, LAHSA and HOPICS, anyone living in these locations were offered services, resources and housing.

With the assistance from Compton Sheriff Parking Enforcement, nonworking, abandoned vehicles were removed from the area. As a reminder, anyone living in a vehicle cannot be towed or removed from a public street due to COVID restrictions. Our area is struggling with the issues created from these vehicles. Vehicles blocking fire hydrants has created a safety risk for all of us. Unfortunately, there is very little that can be done to remove them.

As a reminder, please email Supervisor Holly Mitchell's Office regarding the issues impacting your businesses, and your employees. April Johnson is our constituent services representative for this area. Her email is APJOHNSON@BOS.LACOUNTY.GOV

Kindly include us in the email so we can continue to track the issues.

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